NASA Perseverance Rover Landing Mars On Feb 18, Carrying Ingenuity Helicopter

NASA Perseverance Rover Landing On Mars On Feb 18, Carrying Ingenuity Helicopter
An illustration of NASA perseverance Rover landing with Helicopter. Image Source: NASA

Among the many firsts with this mission, the agency’s first-ever Spanish language show to get a planetary mission landing on Thursday night, Feb. 18, from 2: 30 p. m.

NASA may air “Juntos Perseveramos,” a film that will give audiences an overview associated with the mission to Mars and emphasize the role Hispanic NASA professionals have got had in the success.

During getting, the rover may plunge through the particular thin Martian environment at greater than 12,000 mph (about 20,000 kph). 

A parachute plus powered descent may slow the rover down to 2 mph (3 kph). During what exactly is known as the particular sky crane control, the descent phase will lower the particular rover, on 3 cables to property softly on 6 wheels at Jezero Crater.

Perseverance furthermore is carrying the technology experiment – the Ingenuity Roter Planet Helicopter – which will attempt the very first powered, manipulated trip on another earth.

If there is a single thing we all know, that it is landing on Mars is never easy, ” mentioned NASA Associate Officer for Communications Marc Etkind. 

But since NASA’s fifth Roter planet rover, Perseverance provides an extraordinary executive pedigree and objective team. We are usually capable to invite the complete world to reveal this exciting occasion with us! 

NASA is providing many ways for the public to participate and remain up to time on landing details, mission highlights, plus interaction opportunities.

View And Participate

Connect with like-minded space enthusiasts, get a NASA Interpersonal badge, find out, plus take part in other virtual actions by signing upward for the Determination Rover Virtual NASA Social event.

NASA also will offer a virtual visitor experience for users of the general public during landing, along with notifications about objective updates, curated objective resources, along a digital passport stamp obtainable after landing.

What is The Goal?

A vital science objective of Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the lookup for indications of historic microbial life. 

The particular rover will define the planet’s geology and past environment, pave how for the human hunt for the Red Planet, and will be the first mission to accumulate and cache Martian rock and sediment at a later time come back to Earth.


Following NASA missions, in cooperation with ESA (European Space Agency), would send spacecraft to Mars to accumulate these covered samples from the area and return these to Earth for in-depth analysis.

The Roter planet 2020 mission is part of a larger NASA effort which includes missions to the Moon as a way to get ready for the human pursuit of the Reddish Planet. 

NASA will establish a suffered human occurrence on and around the Moon through NASA’s Artemis lunar pursuit plans.

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