The Smartphone With Full Specifications in Which Mortal Play PUBG

The Smartphone With Full Specifications in Which Mortal Play PUBG
Here I will tell you the name of smartphone which Mortal using. Image credit: liquipedia

Naman Mathur also is known by his name alias Soul Mortal is one among the foremost widespread personalities of India. 

Soul Mortal rose to fame when one of his tips and tricks videos went viral, and Mortal instantly knew he must share his gameplay with the entire world and therefore started posting PUBG Mobile videos on Youtube.

Mortal initially started taking part in iPad 2017, on the other hand later switched to a mobile device for taking part in competitive games. 

Soul Mortal bought this ASUS ROG smartphone to practice and stream. However, he owns iPhone XR and the OnePlus 7 Pro as well.

The Asus ROG Phone 3 is supposed primarily around recreation, even though that comes at the value of typical choices and attributes like lightness and adaptability, 

this will be the third generation in Asus ROG connective, and it virtually achieves the most effective of each word - it's still meant for hardcore gamers, 

however, it will not cause you to feel as if you have sacrificed everything else that a flagship phone is meant to deliver.

Asus ROG Phone 3 Full Specifications

The Smartphone With Full Specifications in Which Mortal Play PUBG
Image credit: Mohd ayub

Very few phones recently are designed for such a particular purpose. 

Usually, all of them follow an equivalent example with higher options and additional power as you go up the value ladder. 

Within the case of the ROG Phone 3 and different such models, each feature is chosen, with the intent of creating this device higher to play games on, and everything else is secondary.

What Makes The Asus ROG Phone 3 Different And Why Mortal Use That

First of all, this can be an oversized, bulky phone. Slimness is usually valuable for a high-end device, 

however, the ROG Phone 3 needs to make room for its 6000mAh battery and a sturdy cooling system that lets the processor run at full speed for extended periods

The ROG Phone 3 is 9.85mm thick and weighs 240g that is well higher than average for a smartphone these days.

This smartphone is a delight for all the gamers out there because it options the powerful Qualcomm snapdragon 865+ mobile platform and 12 GB of RAM. 

This phone also comes with enough space up to 128 GB to keep your files in place.

It Has Multi Level Processor Cooling 

Continue to game for hours, as this phone’s multi-level processor cooling can make sure your seamless gaming expertise. 

It options the Copper 3D Vapour Chamber for internal cooling. 

It additionally comes with an outsized heatsink and cooling vents for max temperature reduction. The big plumbago cooling pads can ensure most heat insulation.

Fast And Accurate Visuals Effect 

This smartphone has a 16.73 cm (6.59 inch) screen, with the HDR 10 plus AMOLED display, which can elevate the way you game. 

With a refresh rate of 144 Hz and therefore the Delta E<1 color accuracy. You will read vivid and quick visuals on your screen.

6000 mAh Battery Capacity 

Let nothing are available the way of you and gaming. This smartphone has a 6000 mAh battery, 

and therefore the PowerMaster customizable battery modes can make sure you get to continue gaming to your heart’s content. It additionally options twin USB-C charging ports.

Capture Everything Around The World 

This smartphone has a triple rear camera system (64 MP Main camera + 13 MP ultra-wide + 5 MP macro lens) that can allow you to capture your surroundings, loved ones, and everything else you would like in the most lovely way.

This phone additionally packs a 24 MP front camera thus you will click gorgeous selfies.

Pro Video Mode Available

Shoot sort of a professional with the pro Video mode that offers you enhanced management.

Supersonic Console like Gaming

Featuring supersonic AirTriggers 3 with twin Partition functionality, this phone helps you to get the feel of gaming with a console.

Touch Input Sensor

This smartphone options the motion sensor-based bit input that detects shakes and stimulates a faucet on the screen.

It Supports Side Charger

Do not let the Phone battery interrupt your gaming session. This smartphone supports side charging, 

thereby paving the way for the most effective expertise, even once you are gaming using the landscape mode.

Immersive Sound Quality

This smartphone comes with twin front-firing 7-magnet stereo loudspeakers for immersive aural expertise. 

It has additionally powered by Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac and twin NXP amplifiers.

It Has Quad Micro Microphones 

This smartphone has a quad mike system that can guarantee effective noise cancellation in vertical and landscape modes.

Make Steady Connection

This smartphone is jam-choked with HyperFusion Quad Wi-Fi antennas for uninterrupted property and gaming.

Tuned For Gaming Experience

With options like the improved X-mode, Armoury Crate, and GameGenie, this smartphone is tuned to form your gaming expertise a delight.

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