Closest Conjunction of Jupitor-Saturn After 397 Years, Christmas Stars

Closest Conjunction Of Jupitor-Saturn After 397 Years, Christmas Stars
Closest conjunction of jupitar and Saturn after 397 years in december 21 all set for wow gazers. Christmas stars image

The night of December 21 guarantees such an experience over the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. 

The two planets can almost overlap one another the nearest they are going to seem in four centuries.

That will be the second most close coincidence of Jupiter and Saturn since the invention of the telescope in 1609 by an astronomer. 

The two planets have not been viewed this on the brink of one another since July 16, 1623, noticed M P Birla Institute of fundamental research director Debiprosad Duari. 

Before 1623, the nearest noticeable Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was within the medieval times in 1226.

December 23 conjointly happens to be solstice within the northern hemisphere, the longest night of the year.

While conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn happens at an interval of 19 years 7months, 

the proximity between them once viewed from earth varies and has not appeared this close in 397 years. 

Jupiter takes 11.86 years to travel around the sun once. The revolution period of Saturn is around 29.5 years.

A conjunction is an understandable development caused by the observer’s perspective: the two objects concerned are not exactly close to each other in the house. 

Two celestial bodies visually showing close to one another, as seen from the planet, is named conjunction. 

A conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is titled eminent coincidence.

The once in a lifetime super conjunction has sparked very nice excitement among sky lovers and devotee. 

The next occasion once these two large planets can return comparably close is on March 15, 2080. However, they are going not to seem this close.

Though the two planets can seem close, one on top of the opposite on December 21, their actual distance from one another is around 735 million kilometers. 

In Kolkata, the conjunction is viewed on the south-western horizon, between 5.28 pm once the sun will set that day and 7.12 pm once the two planets can disappear on the far side of the horizon.

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