A Capsule With An Asteroid Sample Safely Lands On Earth After 5 Years

A Capsule With An Asteroid Sample Safely Lands On Earth After 5 Years
Finally JAXA company completed safely landing of Ryugu asteroid sample by Hyabusa2. Image Source: Department of Defence/twitter

Finally, after a long time, The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has completed its mission to bring a bit of the asteroid Ryugu back to Earth. 

A capsule carrying the sample of asteroid detached from the Hyabusa2 orbiter 130,000 miles from Earth, then landed with the assistance of a parachute and was recovered during a Remote space of Australia on Saturday.

According to a report from NPR, this can be the first time scientists can examine an asteroid that hasn't been changed or broken through the Recent method of getting in the Earth's atmosphere on its own. 

Since space rocks (like Ryugu) are what eventually become planets, the flexibility to check this sample could provide clues concerning However the world formed and concerning creation itself. 

A Capsule With An Asteroid Sample Safely Lands On Earth After 5 Years
Image Source: Department of Defence 

Currently, this asteroid sample is in an Australian laboratory, wherever scientists have already extracted the gas encompassing the organic matter for study. 

This valuable sample is relatively tiny: It weighs about one gram in total. However, size doesn't forever matter. 

That collection is that the results of a six-year mission close to Ryugu, a one-mile-wide asteroid that orbits the sun between Earth and Mars. 

JAXA launched the Hyabusa2 in 2014. Then it spent three and a half years orbiting the sun, solely to get into a particular position. 

Then it reached Ryugu in the year 2018 and created 2 trips to the surface of an asteroid. To hold the sample of the asteroid, Hyabusa 2 got within 130,000 miles of Earth. 

So the capsule was on its own to land in Australia. Hyabusa2 is presently on its way to another asteroid.

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