Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of November 2020, Know All Fact About This Eclipse

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of November 2020, Know All Fact About This Eclipse
This full Moon lunar eclipse is the last lunar eclipse of this year 2020. Know here something about lunar eclipse 

Witness November full moon, also called the Beaver Moon, reaching its peak illumination on Monday before passing through the Earth’s outer shadow in a very penumbral lunar eclipse, the last one amongst the year. 

The Beaver Moon has lit up the night sky since Saturday, and can still be seen till Tuesday morning. However, on Monday, it will be in brief visible at its fullest. 

Spectators in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and some parts of Asia are going to be able to catch a glimpse of the astronomical event

However, the lunar eclipse would not be visible in India because the Moon is going to be below the horizon.

Why is the November Full Moon Far-Famed As The Beaver Moon?

TThe Full Moon in November is commonly referred to as the Beaver Moon in parts of North America because it graces the sky in the month once beavers begin taking shelter in their lodges when storing enough food for the winter. 

It is also the time of fur trade in the region, once hunters lay out traps to catch beavers for his or her pelts. 

However, the full Moon in November, the final one before the winter solstice, has several names around the world. 

It is also called the Cold Moon, Frost Moon, Winter Moon, Oak Moon, Moon Before Yule, Child Moon, Kartik Purnima, Karthika Deepam and Tazaungdaing festival Moon,

What is a penumbral lunar eclipse?


Penumbral lunar eclipses are different from full or partial eclipses. Whereas in a total lunar eclipse, the Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon, 

stopping the sunshine of the Sun from reaching the Moon and casting a shadow on it, throughout a partial eclipse, the Moon passes through the Earth’s inner shadow or umbra Meanwhile, 

in a very penumbral in the Moon moves through the outer a part of the Earth’s shadow, referred to as the ‘penumbra’, as a result of that it becomes faint. 

Because it floats through our planet’s penumbra, around 83% of the Moon can seem to lose its brightness for a few hours.

Phases of The Beaver Moon lunar Eclipse

Around 20 minutes before the deepest phase of the Beaver Moon eclipse, faint penumbral shading is going to be visible on the higher fringe of the Moon. 

When this comes the most intense part of the eclipse, once a part of the Moon seems to be shrouded in a charcoal grey hue. 

Once the deepest phase has passed, a small smudging of grey is also visible on the correct fringe of the Moon for around 20 additional minutes.

When Can The Astronomical Events Take Place?

According to timeanddate.com, the eclipse can begin at 1:04 PM IST and finish at around 5:22 PM IST. 

However, sadly skywatchers in India would not be able to see the eclipse because the Moon is going to be below the horizon here. 

Several live streams are going to be accessible online for interested viewers.

Lima, a South American country is going to be the primary to ascertain the penumbral eclipse at 2:32 AM (local time).


Whereas the penumbral eclipse is going to be detectable in parts of South America because the Moon starts to set, people in Central Asia and Australia are going to be ready to see it while the moon is rising.

But specialists say that the event is going to be tough to catch without correct instrumentation. 

The dimming of the Moon throughout this eclipse can in all probability not be noticeable while not instrumentation, except for craft at the Moon like the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) the reduction in solar power is going to be noticeable, NASA wrote in an exceeding statement.

When Can The Next Lunar Eclipse Take Place?

The next eclipse is slated to require place on could 26, 2021. It will be a complete lunar eclipse.

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