YouTube Again Started HD Plus Video Streaming, Now Users Can Enjoy

YouTube Again Started HD Plus Video Streaming, Now Users Can Enjoy
Now again users can enjoy HD+ video streaming on YouTube. 

Youtube reduced its Full HD + quality video to HD 480p resolution for all countries around the world due to the Corona epidemic in March this year. 

That means you cannot watch 720p and 1080p quality videos. The company pinches this decision to reduce the increasing load on the Internet in the Corona era. 

Because of the Corona infection. People were locked in homes in lockdown and spent much of their time on Youtube. In that situation, the load on the Internet was also increasing day by day. 

Keeping in mind that the company switched full HD quality to 480p so that the load on the Internet would be reduced somewhat. But now there is good news for Indian users, that they can now enjoy full HD video quality on mobile, as the company has started streaming HD + video again.

YouTube On Mobile Data And Broadband 

Youtube had the freedom to stream only 480p quality video for both mobile data and broadband users in India from March to June in the lockdown period. But in July, the company increased this capacity to Full HD that is 1080p for broadband users. 

At the same time, the company has also increased this capacity to full HD + that is 1080p for Indian mobile data users. Means along with broadband, mobile users will also be able to take advantage of 1080p video capacity.

4K Video Streaming On YouTube 

Although, according to the announcement made by Youtube, users can now enjoy 720p and 1080p full HD video streaming. But still will not be able to stream video at 4K quality. 

But it is expected that as the lockdown ends, the company will also start a 4K video stream after full HD. Let me tell you that most of the users will not know about this because most people do streaming video on YouTube at the quality of 360p or 480p only. 

The video streams above 480p were done by people who had broadband. And broadband users were few.

For one more thing, let you know that Youtube was not the only company to change the bandwidth, rather a popular Amazon Prime Video and Netflix also stopped full HD video streaming in the Corona era. 

But since September, it is being started in different phases. And, now Indian users can also stream full HD videos on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

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