Rare Blue Moon Can Be Seen On October 31st, Halloween Day 2020

Rare Blue Moon Can Be Seen On October 31st, Halloween Day 2020
After 19 years, a blue moon can be seen on 31st October 2020. It happens rarely on the same days, which means tomorrow all countries people able to see the blue moon.

Tomorrow, on October 31st, 2020, is becoming a rare coincidence. On the same day, the full moon as well as Halloween full moon would be celebrated across the country. 

The Halloween full moon is celebrated across the country with great pomp, and people are waiting for this day as there are two full moon days in the same month. 

In such a situation, the blue moon is going to be seen in the sky on October 31st, which is very rare.

What is the blue moon?

As all people by the name of Blue must have felt that the color of the moon will be blue tomorrow, but it is not. 

There is only one full moon in a month, but in October of this year, a full moon is being held twice a month. 

The first full moon was on October 1st and the second full moon on October 31st. For this reason, the moon of the second full moon is called the Blue Moon.

Importance of Blue Moon

This festival of full moon day is, celebrated for religious importance in India. In other countries, this day is, celebrated as Halloween day. On this day, the moon looks very beautiful. 

If you did not see the beauty of the moon on a blue moon day, you would miss a lot. If the sky remains clear on this night, the moon looks very beautiful, and all the people wait on their roofs to make it visible.

When does the blue moon appear

You can see Blue Moon in the sky on 31st October 2020, that means tomorrow. This blue moon is so special because if you cannot see the blue moon at this time, then you will have to wait 19 years. 

If you do not see Blue Moon on 31st October 2020 this year, then you will get a chance to see Blue Moon in 2039 only. 

It is going to be a coincidence that the blue moon can be seen from all countries of the world on the same day.

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