NOKIA Selected By NASA To Place Cellular Network On The Moon


NOKIA Selected By NASA To Place Cellular Network On The Moon
NOKIA selected by NASA to build first ever cellular network on the Moon. Image Credit: NOKIA Twitter.

NOKIA, Finland's oldest multinational mobile and telecommunications company, has been selected by the US space agency National Aeronautical Space Agency (NASA) to place cellular networks on the lunar surface for the first time. 

According to news released by Finland's company NOKIA, NASA scheduled to launch the ARTEMIS mission to the lunar surface by 2024. 

According to the ARTEMIS mission, NOKIA will deploy the first LTE / 4G communication system in space with NASA. 

The news was released by the company after, when NOKIA was chosen as NASA's partner to pursue "tipping point" technologies on the lunar surface by the ARTEMIS mission.

LTE / 4G Communications System in Space and on Lunar Surface 

The company stated that our company NOKIA's LTE network is best suited to provide wireless connectivity for various activities in space.

The company also said that the completion of this network mission would make it easier for video streaming, voice communication capabilities, robotic control, sensor payload, telemetry, and biometric data exchange.

This network will provide critical communication capabilities for many different data transmission applications, including- vital command and control functions, remote control of lunar rovers, real-time navigation, and streaming of high definition video. These communication applications are all important to long-term human presence on the lunar surface.

According to information provided by the company, it will use its NOKIA Bell Labs leading innovations to deploy a compact, low-power rigid LTE solution on the lunar surface by the end of 2022. 

NOKIA has further stated that it is also making collaboration with intubation machines. 

Splitting the land into lunar lander technology will be used in the mission so that the Nokia-designed network would be designed in such a way that it can configure itself on deployment and establish the first LTE communication on the moon.

Marcus Weldon, Chief Technology Officer of NOKIA Says

Marcus Weldon, who is the Chief Technology Officer at NOKIA, and also President of NOKIA Bell Labs. Weldon says -

we are now building the first-ever cellular communications network on the lunar surface to discover the cosmic microwave background radiation created by Big Bang. 

Ushering in our rich and successful history in space communications, Reliable, flexible, and high-capacity Communication networks will be prime to support a permanent human presence on the lunar surface.

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