NASA Launched Cygnus Spacecraft To ISS For Resupply Mission

NASA Launched Sygnus Spacecraft To ISS For Resupply Mission
NASA launched Cygnus aircraft to the international space station for resupply mission. Image Source: NASA/Twitter

NASA released a post on Twitter, stating that a Northrop Grumman Cygnus resupply spacecraft was launched at 9:16 yesterday morning to take off to the International Space Station. 

The vehicle carried around £ 8,000 worth of scientific investigations, technology demonstrations, commercial products, and other cargo. 

The main objective of NASA in this mission is to research cancer treatment, research on radish crop cultivation, space toilet, etc.

The spacecraft will reach the space station at around 5:20 am on Monday, October 5. The Cygnus vehicle is supposed to be at the space station until the middle of December.

New Toilet System For ISS

NASA has built a new toilet for the space station. The New Toilet has added a new universal waste management system (UWMS).

The Universal Waste Management System is a compact toilet and urine transfer system, which automates waste management and storage.

The arrival of this new technology helps NASA prepare for future missions such as Mission Moon and Mission Mars.

Energy And Water From Waste

NASA has targeted a mission to develop new technology to obtain drinkable water from the West Material from Ammonia Electrochemical Oxidation Technique.

Cultivation of Radish to Space 

An attempt will make to grow radish, a new crop of vegetables, at the space station. 

Assessment of Nutrition Value and Growth Parameters of Space-Grow Plants (Plant Habitat-02) Radish has been added to the test mixture to identify how different light and soil conditions develop when seeds are  Cultivated.

Identifying Targeted Cancer Treatments

The main goal of this mission Screening for cancer immunotherapy (Onco-selectors) is the screening of drugs based on messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) for the treatment of leveraging microgravity leukemia for Onco-selective messenger RNase. So that treatment of disease like leukemia is possible.

Spacewalk in Virtual Reality

The International Space Station Experience (ISS Experience) is creating a vast virtual reality series based on life and research aboard the space station. 

For this, the Space Station Experience make a partnership with ISS National Lab and TIME, along with a team of Felix and Paul Studios, launched a customized 360 Degree camera for the space station in December 2018, 

In which crew members usually use every week at the station Let's record a few hours inside. Felix, Paul, and partner NanoRx also modified an additional camera to withstand extreme conditions of space and are launching a spacewalk for use in filming.

These experiments are currently one of the hundreds of orbiting laboratory investigations in the areas of biology, biotechnology, physics, earth, and space science.  These areas will help astronauts to keep healthy during long-term space travel.

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