DRDO Successfully Tested Anti Radiation Missile Rudram-1

DRDO Successfully Tested Anti Radiation Missile Rudram-1
DRDO successfully Tested anti Radiation Missile Rudram-1. Image credit: DRDO/Instagram 

Recently the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has successfully tested the first indigenous New Generation Anti Radiation Missile (NGARM), Rudram-1

This missile was released from the Wheeler coast of Orissa by Sukhoi-30. After the successful trial of this Missile, DRDO Chairman G Satish Reddy and our country's Defence minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the DRDO team and other stakeholders on the 88th airforce day. 

This missile test is designed for the Indian Air Force to make the country self-sufficient and strengthen the defense system. Though the launch platform of NGARM is Sukhoi-30, it can also launch by Jaguar, Mirage-2000, and Tejas. 

The Special thing about this missile is that, by knowing the source of radiation, it destroys that source. Let's go into detail about this missile.

What Is An Anti-Radiation Missile?

Anti-radiation missiles are the missiles that are made to destroy the enemy's communication system. These missiles can kill an enemy when it is used against radars, jammers, and radio used for communication. 

Apart from this, these missiles can also destroy sudden Missiles in the air. This missile has sensors that find the source of radiation, and the missile explodes when it approaches that source. In this way, they also destroy the enemy's whereabouts.

The Technology of NGARM Rudram-1

The NGARM Rudram-1 has a primary guidance system with an on-board passive homing head (PHH) equipped with broadband capability. 

This technology gives the missiles the ability to choose the exact target. This missile can detect targets from about 100 to 150 kilometers away.

The Rudram-1 missile has a radar dome system in which the enemy's radar on the ground can also destroy.

About the Length and weight of this missile, the Length is about five and a half meters and weighs 140 kg.

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