Jio Launches JioCricket App For JioPhone Users | Jiopages web browser


Jio Launches JioCricket App For JioPhone Users | Jiopages web browser
Jio Company launches its JioCricket app for jio phone users and  also JioPages web browser. Image Credit:

Recently Reliance Jio has launched a cricket app exclusively for its Jio Phone users. 

This app is especially for those people who do not have big-screen smartphones, which means that users who use Jio Phone and like cricket. This app has been named JioCricket by the company.

Benefits of JioCricket App

Jio phone users will also get to watch live cricket scores, match updates, news related to cricket, as well as videos on the JioCricket App.

The JioCricket app supports nine languages ​​comprise Hindi, so the people of other languages ​​will also be able to use it very effortlessly.

Through the JioCricket app, you will also be able to enjoy the game, which will be able to play from the Jio Cricket Play Along with the game.

If you want to download the JioCricket app, then you can download it from the Jio app store on Jio Phone.

On the JioCricket app, users will continue to receive live updates of cricket as well as instant news related to all types of matches. 

In the JioCricket app, there is a section of the Jio Cricket Play Along with the game, where you can guess any matches along with the game, and if the guess is correct, you can win Reliance Vouchers up to Rs 50,000.

JioPages Web Browser

Jio Launches JioCricket App For JioPhone Users | Jiopages web browser
JioPages Web Browser. Image Credit: Jio site

Let us know that recently Jio has launched a web browser of its own. The company has launched this new web browser in the market as JioPages

The company claims that its latest web browser is quite fast as well as secure.

What is JioPages Web Browser

It is a web browser like a regular browser, which has been launched by the Jio company in the market under the name of Jio Page. You can download this browser from the play store.

JioPages built on a powerful blink engine, due to which the speed of the blink engine is high, and the high speed provides a considerable browsing experience. 

JioPages has been designed and developed entirely in India. This browser is purely Indian. Apart from English, this browser also supports 8 Indian languages.

Regarding data security, the company has said about the privacy of JioPages, that compared to other browsers, it gives users complete control over their data with data privacy. Therefore, the data of the users is completely protected.

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