Apple Launched First Time Apple Store Online in India [2020]

Apple Launched First Time Apple Store Online in India [2020]
Firts time Apple launched its Apple store online in India. Now
customers will get the same premium experience of all the items found in Apple Store locations around the world.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently released a tweet on Twitter stating that the first time Apple will launch the Apple Store online in India on September 23, offering a full collection of products and support directly to the customers.

With the introduction of new online stores in India, customers will get the same premium experience of all the items found in Apple Store locations around the world.

The experience of this new online store will be done by members of the online team who are ready to offer their expertise.

That means the customers in India can now buy iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, MacBook devices directly from Apple's online store.

Now Apple will not have to resort to any other retailers or any third party e-commerce website for its selling. That is, the Apple company itself will open India's online store and will reach its products to the people.

Apple Newsroom Opinion 

In apple's newsroom, Retail + People Senior Vice President Dayred O'Brien said that we are proud to expand the Apple  online store in India

He said that we want to do everything possible to support our customers and their communities. He also said that we know that our users have been relying on technology to stay connected to us, engage in learning, and tap into their creativity, and bringing the Apple Store online to India, we are at this critical time Apple is offering customers very well.

September 23 is the right time for the new online store apple coming to India as the festivals are coming to begin from October. 

The company is already preparing for this. Also, the apple company announces several offers for customers and students.

Apple's company has asked the Apple Store to make contactless delivery of all orders online, for the health and wellbeing of its teams, customers, and communities. 

Orders that do not require a signature will leave at the customer's doorstep, and those who need a written signature will deliver the order to their doorstep only by verbal confirmation from a safe distance.

Apple Store Online India Live

The Apple store online india is currently live, but the products are yet to be listed.

This online store has many features that are yet to be listed. like-

  • Apple Specialists
  • Free no-contact delivery, choose how you want to pay,
  • Convert your old phone to iPhone,
  • Configure order for MAC order,
  • The personal session, etc.

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