PUBG mobile update 0.19.0 revealed | new map added [2020]

PUBG mobile update 0.19.0 revealed | new map added [2020]
PUBG mobile updated 0.19.0 with new map and exclusive weapons and huge truck.
credit: Vineet Washington

A New Update Of PUBG Mobile Has Arrived

People who play PUBG are very curious about PUBG mobile updates. Players are expecting something new in this new update. It happens as per expectation also.

Why An Update Is Required

The simple thing is that, due to some flaws in the old version, they are not able to work properly. 

They need some improvement. Also, it increases the popularity among the people So that the identity of the company remains popular.

What You Will Get In This New Update

  • PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 patch has been rolled out. Players will get to play the new Nordic Style Livik map with this update.

  • First-time the update rolled out without turning off the server. So players will get a better gaming experience.

  • Along with the new map, players will also get exclusive vehicles and firearms.

  • With this new update, PUBG Mobile is going to bring its new season on 14 July 2020.

  • In the Livik map, users will get various types of tariffs. Players can choose which of these trenches they want to go to in PUBG mobile updates.

  • There is a 15-minute match norm in the Livik map, which will benefit players who want to play a quick session. They will also help the beginner a lot.

PUBG Mobile has put its trailer in the Play Store before bringing its new updates so that players can get an experience of its maps and features before downloading the new update.

However, players should keep in mind that LIVIK is a beta map in which adjustments and improvements could see in the future.

In This Update, You Will Get New Tools.

In PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0, players will get the following tools.

  • Players will get an exclusive vehicle and a monster truck.

  • SMG P90.

  • Mk 12 rifles.


So all PUBG lovers go and update your PUBG mobile update 0.19.0 and enjoy it with Livik room and new tools as soon as season 13 ends, the warm-up event will be live so that the new season can enter. 

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