Big update PUBG mobile Banned in this Country | Players shocked

Big update PUBG mobile Banned in this Country | Players shocked
Recently PUBG mobile banned by this country 

The online game PUBG mobile has temporarily shut down in the country of Pakistan. 

There was a long-time complaint from the Government of Pakistan about the PUBG game that the health of children is being damaged due to PUBG.

Why Government Had Taken This Action Against The Game PUBG

Also, people are getting addicted to PUBG mobile on a large scale, which is harmful to health. 

In such a situation, the Telecommunication Regulatory Body (PTA) of Pakistan, taking cognizance of the case, issued a notification to temporarily shut down PUBG.

What Is The Reason Of Shutting Down The Game PUBG 

The PTA said in a Twitter post that the PUBG mobile game is a waste of time. This is affecting children's physical and mental health. 

The PTA said that the decision to discontinue PUBG was taken at a time when media reports along with the common people started complaining about increasing cases of suicide due to PUBG.

Also, in the PUBG case, the Lahore High Court had summoned the PTA. In fact, on 24 June, a 16-year-old Pakistani child committed suicide due to not completing the mission of PUBG. 

India May Be Shut Down PUBG 

Some reports in India have also expressed health concerns about PUBG. 

Also, at the time of closing 59 Chinese apps by the Government of India, there was a campaign to shut down the PUBG mobile game.

Is PUBG Mobile Chinese Game 

However, let us know that PUBG is not a Chinese game. It is South Korean online video games. It is made by Battleground, a subsidiary of BlueWhale. 

History Behind The Game PUBG 

The game was initially created by Brendan, who was influenced by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royal. 

Talking about the Chinese connection, also, the Chinese government initially refused to allow the PUBG game in China. 

But it was later introduced in China with the help of China's largest video game publisher Tencent. In return, the Chinese Tencent Company had to be given a stake in PUBG. 

Only then did PUBG mobile get permission from the Chinese government. It was introduced in China under the name of Game of peace. The same game is marketed and distributed by Kakao Games in South Korea.


The action against the game PUBG mobile had taken by the Pakistan government is might be a good decision because this game creates addiction against the child. This may dangerous for his health and mental problems.

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