How To Improve Wi-fi Internet Speed | Download Speed [2020]

How To Improve Wi-fi Internet Speed | Download Speed [2020]
increase your wifi internet speed 

Increase Your Wi-fi Internet Speed 

Internet speed is more important in every person's daily life, Even after enforcement of unlock - 1, a large number of people are doing " work from home " In such a situation, An excellent internet speed and safe wifi are important in this situation if you are facing the issue of slow internet speed. 

Then you need to take some important steps. These measures will improve your internet speed. In this regard, we are giving you expert tips.

First Of All, Check Your Internet Speed 

How To Improve Wi-fi Internet Speed | Download Speed [2020]
Test your internet speed

Do an internet speed test on your desktop or laptop. You can go to a testing website like or Here you will see the download and upload speed. 

At the same time, you can also open these sites on mobile. You can also get information about speed by downloading apps from google play store and apple app store. 

If you found your speed is 15 Mbps, then it is a slow speed. while 25 Mbps is an average speed, and 40 Mbps is the best internet speed

How To Improve Your Internet Speed 

1. Choose The Right plan:-

See how much important data need you daily for work from home plan and how much internet speed shared be there for your work.

while choosing a better plan, first of all, you have to see which plan will get a better connection. Also which company has a good network connection near your home.

You can talk to the internet service provider and choose a better plan. Choose a plan with sufficient data and good speed.

2. Connect Computer directly to the router

How To Improve Wi-fi Internet Speed | Download Speed [2020]
connect the computer directly to the router 

connect a computer directly to the router via an ethernal cable. This will reduce your movement, but it is better for internet speed. 

You can also take an adaptor with this. You can also use extension cable in this sequence.

3. Change The Channel Of Your Wireless Network. 

It takes some time and technical skills. But you will get benefits. If you and your neighboring network are running on the same channel, then your signal may be affected. 

The wireless network operator on various radiofrequency is called a channel. 

The new router automatically scans and select a clean channel. Some routers do this by on-off. But you may be using the default. So you will need to go with the administrator's website or app to change the channel from where you update the router software.

4. Connect Your Router In A Single Frequency

If you are using a dual-band router, which works at 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency, Then connect your device to only one frequency.  At the same time in a dual-band router, you can choose a 2.4 GHz frequency. 

Signal strength is good even in this range. If the router is placed 10 feet away from the laptop, then a 2.4 GHz frequency router will be better for you. 

Find Wi-fi Dead Zones

How To Improve Wi-fi Internet Speed | Download Speed [2020]
Find wifi dead zone

You can use a third-party app to locate the wifi dead zone. You just get to know the places where wifi is not working.
By this method helps you to find the best place for your internet speed.

Some Important Tips You Should Know

  • must connect fewer devices to wifi at once.
  • Disconnect devices that are not currently in use.
  • If any devices connected to wifi, and updated in the background, then the speed of other devices will be reduced.
  • The router becomes hot because of being constantly online, then must reboot the router.
  • Keep wifi routers away from walls or electric appliances.
  • Always keep your router open.
  • Also, if possible, keep it away from metal items like a refrigerator.
  • The new router gives 20 times faster internet speed than the older router.

By The Following Ways Increase The Speed Of Your Mobile Phone Internet Speed 

How To Improve Wi-fi Internet Speed | Download Speed [2020]
speed up your mobile internet speed 

  • See either your device is getting the proper signal or not.
  • Turn your device airplane mode off then on.
  • Reset the network and reboot the device. This will helps, network to connect again to the closest tower. 
  • Speed decreases during mobile updates, so do not run for update apps in the background.


In the above article, I have shown you the tips and techniques about how to increase your wifi speed as well as mobile phone internet speed.
If you apply these Tricks, definitely your device boosted up. I hope this article is fruitful to you.

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