Top 10 PUBG PS4 Tips And Tricks [2020]Become Beginner To Pro

Top 10 PUBG PS4 Tips And Tricks [2020]Become Beginner To Pro

in this article I will show you top 10 PUBG PS4 hacks to enhance your skill and tends you to become beginner to pro because thousands of people are searching how to become pro therefore in this article I will show you all the important tips and tricks which pro also use.

PUBG PS4 Amazing Hacks

1. Go to Combat Training:-

The first thing is from my suggestion before starting the game go into the combat training and set your gaming sensitivity as per your requirement either your third-person camera sensitivity because everybody has different sensitivity setting and must set your color theme this will help you to identify the enemy easily 

2. Landing:-

Before landing find your safe area for landing from my point of view land far from Aeroplan line mark this will help you safer landing also make sure your landing completed as soon as possible, land on the roof of the building because it increases your landing speed for picking a weapon and combating faster.

3. Keep Himself Together:-

After picking up your essential weapons and attachments (i suggest always pick M416 gun) keep your teammate together and fight together.

4. Switch The Seat:- 

Whenever you in the car make sure to switch your seat every time by pressing the switch button. This will prevent you from huge damage during enemy firing on your car.

5. Switch Your Weapon Automode:-

When your enemy is near to you check your gun is always on in auto mode because sometimes you die because of these minor mistakes. Single firing mode becomes useful when the enemy is far from you. This strategy helps you make more damage to your enemy.

6. Snipping:-

Whenever you are liking more sniping then make sure you have guns like AWM, M24, and Car98 which help you, enemy, down on a single shot make sure you make a headshot. 

7. Running:-

When you are running to get inside the circle then make sure you are kept not on your hand put it into the backside which helps you run faster also try to find a vehicle. If the vehicle is not there then always kept medikit as well as drinks.

When you are in the blue circle then you must use your drink this will help you to decrease your faster-losing health rate.

8. Watch Left-Right:-

When you are running from one point to another point just use your eye button regularly if your enemies are there or not.

9. Hide:-

If you found that only a few enemies are live then hide properly and watch your enemy where it is then open your grenade and cook for 5 seconds and throw it. This strategy is used by an all-pro player.

10. Chicken Dinner:-

And in the last time of zone just prone yourself in the grass and watch where is the enemy if you find the enemy position then pick up your grenade cook it and throw it, wow winner chicken dinner.

PUBG PS4 Price:-

Top 10 PUBG PS4 Tips And Tricks [2020]Become Beginner To Pro

In India PUBG PS4 disc price is RS1999, PUBG looter's edition price RS 2,750, champions editions RS 3,999.

PUBG PS4 free download link:

You can download and install from here 👇

Top 10 PUBG PS4 Tips And Tricks [2020]Become Beginner To Pro


After reading this full article now I hope you learned it very well and should you apply in your gameplay. I think by applying these methods you will win some chicken dinner PUBG game and also your skill might become improved.

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