4499 Krypton Smartphone Fake?| Ezeephone is Fake Website| Be Aware

Fake website Ezeephone|4499 Krypton Smartphone Fake?| Be Aware
fake website 

which website is fake?

Nowadays fake website a website named Ezeephone is getting popular day by day. This website selling the online phone at a very cheap rate and the most wondering thing is all smartphones are seemed original.

the website offering the phone at a very cheap rate by just changing the name of the popular brand phone like Samsung M30s converted into Krypton M30 Notch smartphones, realme phone into Krypton X2 Notch smartphones, Krypton XT Notch smartphones you can see the screenshot.

This website looks like original and genuine also many people claim that they have got bluffed by this fake website this will also happen with you so must read the full article. 


Why Ezeephone Website is Fake?

Here I am going to tell you the fact why this website is fake. You can understand the following fact.

Fact No. 1

In India, you can't expect phone ranged on RS 4,499 with 6’15 display size, 6 GB RAM, and 64 GB ROM.

At this price range hardly you only get 2 GB RAM with approx 8 GB ROM so this the huge difference.

Fact no. 2

Whenever you place your order on this website allow you to add unlimited products at a time for a single account.

For example, if you add 1000 products in your cart costing each product is 4,499 then your subtotal amount is RS 44,99,000 that is so irrelevant payment. 

A genuine website can't offer you this type of payment except for international commercial sites like Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc. so this website is fake.

Fact no. 3

There is no customer care number the only email is available also no reply from this website.

Fact no. 4

If you inter fake code during checkout it shows no error but yet they give information related delivery time like when ezeephone deliver your order.

Fact no. 5

When you will complete your payment option they didn’t provide any tracking id and product status .

Fake website proof:

here is a screenshot that you can easily understand that is a fake website.

Screenshot 1.

In this screenshot, I have added 30 products at a time and it doesn't forbid me for limitation of the product.

Fake website Ezeephone|4499 Krypton Smartphone Fake?| Be Aware
You can see the subtotal after adding 30 products 

Screenshot 2

It allows any type of postal code just time any random number then it will show the product is available and can be delivered within 7 days.

Fake website Ezeephone|4499 Krypton Smartphone Fake?| Be Aware
fake website proof2


So guys before buying from this type of fake website please check every fact which I have told you.
If anybody gone stuffed by this website please complain consumer court.
I hope this article will helpful for you. 
Thank you.

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